How Do You Choose the Right Air-Conditioner for Your Dubai Home?

You’ll undoubtedly need air conditioning to keep your Dubai house at a pleasant temperature because daytime highs in the summertime typically approach 40°C. What is the best way to choose an AC system for your Dubai home or an air conditioner repair service? While newer constructions have central air conditioning, older structures and complexes still use window units and split ACs. Here is all you need to know whether you want to replace your outdated air conditioner or are installing a new one.

Picking the appropriate size

Tons, ranging from 1 to 5, are used to measure the size of air conditioners. Always keep in mind that tonnes, not pounds, are used to describe their cooling capacity. The price and electricity costs of your cooling system are directly related to tonnes. The most comfortable climate for your home will be created by selecting the proper size for your electricity bill, which will ensure excellent performance.

Choose the proper BTU

Another term you will need to be familiar with when picking an air conditioner for your apartment is BTU or British Thermal Unit. For the best cooling, you ought to pick a unit that has 90 to 100 BTU per square foot. Your room will cool down faster if the BTU value is higher. Despite the fact that 30 BTU per sq. ft. is what international standards advise, these units are useless when the temperature rises above 37 degrees. The amount of the room that is covered, the amount of sunshine it receives, and the number of occupants are additional elements that need your attention.

Ask for recommendations

It is not always as simple as searching online and dialling the first company you find that offers AC services. It is important to choose a service you can believe in. Finding out which businesses to call the best air conditioner repair company is easy if you ask friends and family for referrals. A referral bonus is something that certain businesses provide, which helps. A review search is another thing you should do. Consumers, according to studies, are just as likely to believe online reviews as personal recommendations. A range of reviews from different sources should be gathered. Your level of knowledge will increase as you read more reviews.

Stay energy efficient

Dubai may get really hot, let’s face it. However, continuously operating your air conditioner can significantly raise your expense. Consider purchasing a more energy-efficient appliance as a result while shopping for a new one. The environment and your house both benefit from these units. In addition to staying comfortable, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars annually.

Longevity and maintenance

It is wise to constantly plan ahead while making purchases. An AC unit should usually last between 10 and 20 years. Maintenance is, without a doubt, one of the key components of a lifetime. Verify that the products your AC service uses are of high quality by reading reviews. Long-term costs may outweigh short-term savings for you.

At Yuslih, we understand choosing the right air conditioner for your home in Dubai and ensure you are carrying it the right way.

How Do You Choose the Right Air-Conditioner for Your Dubai Home?

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